Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hang You From The Heavens.

Oh Hai.
Well the latest is that I had an amazing shoot with Michael Cheung, and by amazing I mean we probably didn't get every single shot perfect, but he is really such fun to work with. More on that later, I can't wait to get the photos.

One thing: Florence is amazing. Also Danny but more Florence. :):) you're both lovelies.

Okayokay, the thing of the day is True Blood. I figure one of the best ways to enjoy this show is by doing a shot everytime Bill says "SOOKEHH".
Which he does.
Hoorah :)
"Sookie" "Sookie" "Sookie" "Sookie" "Sookie" "Sookie".

Now onto the person of the day Michael Cheung. (http://www.themichaelcheung.com/)
Heres some of his work, really inspired shots, IMHO.
I love this underwater one, I always look at it and forget to breathe. For some reason I'm underwater too :)
This model is called Elizabeth Berry. And shes SO INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL. It's actually insane. That sounds increasingly creepy, seeing as I've only worked with her once, in an AISHK Fashion Show. But seriously, look at the picture and then tell me I'm wrong. I'm not wrong :)
Okay, so I've been using this new site called "Model Mayhem" at length. TEST SHOOTS ARE COOL, TOO.

Some shoot ideas I've been dying to try.

1. Gothic.
2. Bride of Frankenstein (cuh-razy hair. kay?)
3. Wild make-up.

4. Paint.

5. Heavy eye shadow, Beauty shot.

6. Feathery eye make up? Also, I love the bottom picture, the colours especially.

7. More wild make-up.

8. Slightly less wild, more editorial make-up?

9. I LOVE THIS. Her make-up, her expression, intenseeeee.

10. Aboriginal prints.

Thats it for me, but tune in next time for more inane ramblings (you know you love it.)

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