Thursday, 17 June 2010

Take the good with the bad.

Well seeing as this blog is a colossal waste of my study-leave,

I figured I may as well write more words into the void that is the internet.

So you non-existent readers can know me better :)

Things I like:
  • That bit in the book 'Submarine' by Joe Dunthorne, where the main guy says:
"I wanted to punch her in the ovaries"
Sometimes it's just appropriate to punch someone in the ovaries. I'm sure it's deserved.
  • When people do that snort when they are laughing too hard, and then stop.
  • Fuji apples.
  • The magazine NYLON. Music issue. June/July. Fuck yeeeeeeeeeeah.
  • Danny, and if you're reading this then shame on you, because my blog is totally lame
and slightly cringy :)
  • My boss, Melanie.
  • My vintage iPod, all beaten up and hardly working.
  • Watching movies.
  • Ed Westwick in Californication (and Gossip Girl, don't judge me)

Things I don't like:
  • Ants in my room, as they are right now.
  • Losing things.
  • When people cry in movies and you wonder what emotional part of you is missing that
you dont cry at the sad bit :/
  • Not feeling the need to study, when I need to study.
  • The fact that my parents got me a huge pack of batteries for my birthday because
"You keep asking us for batteries!". I never need batteries :(
  • The absence of WORLD PEACE
The good weighs out the bad, I suppose.

Love, Ellen.

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