Wednesday, 9 June 2010

the ever glamorous life of a part-time model, part-time idiot.

Okay, so.
The name is Ellen.
The game is part-time modelling.
The fame is non-existent.

That was lame. Anyhow.

1st picture, Pans Labrynth inspired. Remember that freaker eye-monster-thing? I dont know, I watched it in Spanish class, so I probably didn't get it right. Taken by the ever-incredidle Wendy Liu, check out her blog:

Here we go, got a picture of the creepy guy. Gave me nightmares :(:(
Also taken by Wendy, SHES FUCKING AMAZING, da?

A teeny tiny picture of me and one of my most amazingly amazing best friends Selina. On the way home from a commercial.
God, how I love to make silly faces on the set. At this one commercial the director told me to "drop the cake". This birthday cake that I was presenting to the pretend birthday girl (yes, the premise is bizarre to me as well), and I had to drop the cake on the floor. And no, not just one. Three. All the other models thought I was the biggest fuck-up in the history of fuck-ups.
Here is the link for the end product, which I was in for about two seconds, comparable to the seven hours I spent in the studio doing JACK SHIT.

This next one is funny. At this JCI 150th Anniversary Show or whatever they call it I had another head. We named it Georgina and it's the only plastic, scary-looking head that I had to pretend watch attached to my shoulder, which was quite an experience. The theme was "Alice in Wonderland" and I haven't seen the movie, but I'm pretty sure Alice had only one head.

Okay, this one was just weird. I love it, but it was weird. Part matador, part armadillo, part KKK attire. With these weird lumps all over it. But I tried my best to work it, even though I couldn't move :) I love the creativity though. It was insane, these outfits, very interesting.

This was the post-show fun. I'm the freaky looking one to the left, and the super hot girl to the right is Alex, who is a BABE. Shes so pretty! And such a sweetheart. And possibly the most awesome model I've worked with.

THE GANG. from left to right: Marloes, Veronika, Alexandra, Me, Louise, Caitlin
And Perrie, WHO IS TOTALLY AWESOME, just btw.
So thats pretty much sums the recenties up.
from your friend, fille blanche folle.

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