Monday, 8 November 2010

Attention, Cherie.

It’s all much of a muchness, this blogging business.

I spend hours of a day writing and posting and searching,

listening and watching,

observing and straining my eyes,

all for the benefit of the invisible readers.

I do adore you, reader, don’t get me wrong, I’m more confused at my own lack of drive to work for my individual oral presentation for higher-level english.

Some more things:

French music is equal to an eargasm, if you don’t get a thing more out of this post than the following songs, then fine, as long as you listen to them.

Dors, le mal est passé et tu entres dans la danse

Le pire de côté tes rêves entrent en cadence

Tu sèmes le bonheur à chaque pas que tu fais

Et à ton réveil la vie reprend son train.

moving on;

I’ve always held a certain fascination with all things vintage.


of course, is the one and only AUDREY HEPBURN

modern revivals of vintage are all over the place in this time, thank the good lord.

Rifling through the local OPSHOPS isn’t half as fun if it’s not in fashion.

One of my favourites is GARY PEPPER VINTAGE.

if you’ve not heard of him at all, first off, SHAME

and secondly, CLICK RIGHT HERE. NOW.

She is possibly one of my favourite models for the fact that her face is a flawless and many would fight a lion to be the face of GPV.

MY NEW OBSESSION: Vintage Jesus Fashion



I wish my life was like this. Nowt other than tea and the lazy girls. Alldaylong.


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Tweet me?


Twitter is my vice.


I succumbed to the urge of the glitzy glamour offered by the feigned possibility that I may even get a reply from @kanyewest. I don’t particularly want to talk to him, but I wouldn’t mind slipping into YoungHollywood, or whatever it’s being called these days.

But yes, I do have a twitter: ellemel11, just as every single username has been ever since I was a little tacker (hence the ‘11’). Yeah. I know what you’re thinking:
“Why, Ellen, how do you manage to be so cool?”

I have no answer for you other than, I do try.

I follow the following:

  • Britney Coleman
  • Natalie Tran
  • Julia Albain
  • Bonnie Gruesen
  • Jaime Lyn Beatty
  • Lauren Lopez
  • Tyler Brunsman
  • A.J. Holmes
  • Charlene Kaye
  • Darren Criss
  • Joey Richter
  • Joe

And a bunch of others I cbf to recount.

Also, the Dalai Lama.



....How is the Dalai Lama, in any conceivable way, related to Ashton Kutcher


But without the orphan boy... maybe. I adore his animations.

That last bit backwards is “I CHOOSE YOU BULBASAUR”


Anywhat, I’ll put up Dru’s pictures from the Hell Models Shoot.


ALSO: Call all aspiring fem-Mods and guy-Mods, HELL MODELS HK OFFICIAL, if I may say, would probably see you for a general casting if you email them and you’ve got what it takes!


PEACE OUT (too cool? k.)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

You, Me, Mexico, and my guitar.

Mid-term is almost over, and I promised I’d update before it finished.

Not that anyone reads this.

Not that I care greatly.

Lets see what’s happened.


Went for a happy-fun-wonder-day with my bestest friend Ning Ning -

This is the oldest photo of us I could find. How insanely beautiful is mai fwend Ning? VERY VERY MUCH IS THE ANSWER.

Waiting for the bus. Possibly one of my favourite past-times as a Pok-Fu-Lam-Gwei-Mui-Kid. We live in the white-washed sub-urban areas of one of the most urban places on the face of the earth. Slightly reminiscent of Wysteria Lane, but without the plastic surgery. Or so I am told. Whenever I’m waiting at the bus-stop, I see someone who lives in my building, and against my better judgement I wave an awkward “Oh hey, hi, hallo.” and rack my brain for the name of this friendly stranger. But it was different because Ning Ning, who just so happens to be the most brilliant person, was there, so I could act oblivious to anything outside our conversation.

We enjoyed a little bus ride on the number 28 to Elgin Street, SoHo, the most photogenic spot on the West end. A little way down the street we saw my favourite froyo joint and had a Eurotart-Passionfruit-Coconut-Granola (it sounds gross, but it’s actually the most boss snack on the planet) Froyo.

Boutique-ing down the street.

    Antique-ing down the other street.



    Song of the day: Mexico - Laura Marling.

    Well come on let's go,

    And head off to Mexico,

    And build our dreams on siestas of the day.

    I'll take my guitar,

    Who knows, it might get us far,

    And we'll call each other by our fake names.

    The crew:

    1st: Brekkie. Lazy Mondays are the best kind of Mondays. Sitting by the beach? Yes, please and thank you.

    2nd: Off to Josh’s house to drop our stuff.

    3rd: TO THE BEACH. It was the one day I couldn’t care less what the sun was doing to my skin, what lines my smiles would leave on my face, the sand that would remain on my person for days and days. We swam far out to the shark nets and apart from a slight wardrobe-malfunction, it was rather relaxing. To all those reading this off the island here is my suggestion: Drop everything; Fly over here; Take a ferry ride to the little island of Lamma; Head to the beach; Swim for days; Sleep for days; Eat for days; Repeat. I’ll admit, Lamma isn’t everyones cup-of-tea, but if you can’t enjoy a BDO on the beautiful beach then you need to get yourself checked.

    4th: Back to Josh’s for a mini-rave and rushed to a college interview in my maxi-dress and flippy-floppies.

    Tuesday: This is terrible, but nothing interesting must have happened on Tuesday, as I remember literally nothing from this day.



    Wellwellwell. Interesting night.

    To Barn! Playing Kings is my crux in the way that I always, always lose. 10 beertowers later, I’m dancing around the place and off we go from pre-drinks. I shan’t give away too much about the night other than I am totally in love with the people who went that night. In an extremely inappropriate way :)

    Song of the night: I Like That - Static Revenger & Richard Vission ft Luciana.

    Thursday: Shooting with Dru.

    I know I know, I’m a disorganized model who hasn’t been yelling at the photographer for her photos, but Dru is pretty much the coolest guy I’ve worked with. From America, he’s doing a quarter of his senior year in the Sham Shui Po division of SCAD HK.

    We are getting coffee next week.

    Be jealous.


    They weren’t half-bad :)


    Working almost all day, Toni and Guy hair-show casting, then small brand casting, then catwalk they-never-tell-me-what-it’s-for-until-I-promise-I’ll-do-it casting. Taking a little break to meet Ning Ning and Hilton at Cafe Corridor and drink my super-super-strong espresso and chocolate muffin before ditching them and racing the clock to Tin Hau.

    After which I found myself whisked off to Red Hill where I stayed for about 15 minutes. A fun 15, none-the-less. :)



    Up to the BigBuddha and the Po Lin Monastery. I suppose, once you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a thousand times, and for me, yesterday made 8000 times. But, with the guys from NYC, Ryan, Tawfiq and Chris, it was still totally awesome. After that we went to the Stoop and I had more BabyBack ribs than I have or ever will have eaten again. I want my babybackbabybackbabyback... ribs.

    After it was Sara’s night junk. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the idea of a night junk, it’s where a bunch of people who you may or may not know and pile the empty bottles up through the night.

    Song of the night: Like A G6 - Far East Movement

    And here I am and it’s Sunday and this has practically taken me all day.

    BONUS FEATURE (heh).

    Behind the scenes of Hina Et/Windy/Cher Chan/Soda shoot.