Monday, 8 November 2010

Attention, Cherie.

It’s all much of a muchness, this blogging business.

I spend hours of a day writing and posting and searching,

listening and watching,

observing and straining my eyes,

all for the benefit of the invisible readers.

I do adore you, reader, don’t get me wrong, I’m more confused at my own lack of drive to work for my individual oral presentation for higher-level english.

Some more things:

French music is equal to an eargasm, if you don’t get a thing more out of this post than the following songs, then fine, as long as you listen to them.

Dors, le mal est passé et tu entres dans la danse

Le pire de côté tes rêves entrent en cadence

Tu sèmes le bonheur à chaque pas que tu fais

Et à ton réveil la vie reprend son train.

moving on;

I’ve always held a certain fascination with all things vintage.


of course, is the one and only AUDREY HEPBURN

modern revivals of vintage are all over the place in this time, thank the good lord.

Rifling through the local OPSHOPS isn’t half as fun if it’s not in fashion.

One of my favourites is GARY PEPPER VINTAGE.

if you’ve not heard of him at all, first off, SHAME

and secondly, CLICK RIGHT HERE. NOW.

She is possibly one of my favourite models for the fact that her face is a flawless and many would fight a lion to be the face of GPV.

MY NEW OBSESSION: Vintage Jesus Fashion



I wish my life was like this. Nowt other than tea and the lazy girls. Alldaylong.


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