Saturday, 21 May 2011


bonjour fille atomique

yes, I agree, its been a long while.

miss me?

didn't think so.

new things:

an average day in the IB learner profile:
6:00am - Wakeup
6:30am - Actually wakeup
7:00am - Run tiredly, almost throw up from unfitness
8:00am - Shower, change and fling yourself out the door because you have school in 15 minutes
8:30am until 3:30pm - The most painfully boring hours of my life, yay school
4:00pm - Stare at my computer until my eyes hurt
5:00pm - Walk my dog, who hates me
6:00pm - Eat, presumably
6:30pm onwards - Work until I literally fall off my stool and onto the floor.
1:00am - Watch funny videos on youtube and pass out on my bed

yay international baccelaureate ?

I've been trying to find inspiration for outfits but the more I lurk on the online paradises of Asos, Nastygal and Shakuhachi yearning with puppy-dog-eyed desperation for a credit card with unlimited amounts of money to fund my addiction to online purchases. Not that any of them have particularly worked out for me, but thats an entirely different story.

It's been a busy month for work, you know I've been out of the job for a little while, being freelance is a blessing and a curse all wrapped up in a nice little low-fat fajita. I wouldn't necessarily include the "low-fat" element in fajitas as a general rule, but the work I've been acquiring of late has been rather reliant on my facade of fitness. My first underwear was an uncomfortable affair, which I think translated into print just as awkwardly. Thats what they get for hiring an uncomfortably awkward gangly pale girl for their shoot, so, really, the joke's on them.

I kid, I kid of course, I would never publicly defame such lovely people, as the director, stylist, photographer, and makeup artist were equally wonderful to me, and I'm very lucky they were so understanding about my "quirky" nervous poses. Though I will say that the two guys with the camera phones who giggled a lot and didn't seem to have any defined purpose in the room didn't help me.

I did a shoot with the beautiful Joyce Ng, called "Corpse Romance" for her final project for styling. Shes a major talent and we have a shopping date , very happy!

These are some of the photos:

I honestly haven't a clue how long it's been since I updated you , so I apologize for repeats.

Makeup by Dora Chan
Photography by Anahita Paul

Makeup by Dora Chan
Photography by Anahita Paul

Photography by Michael Cheung

Photography by Michael Cheung

Photography by Michael Cheung

J'adore Wedding Couture

Photography by Camilla
Makeup by Nicole Kroutil

Photography by Camilla
Makeup by Nicole Kroutil
That about gets us up to speed.

Music wise -

I've been music-ing a lot, lately, and while that may on some level sound almost productive, IT IS NOT. But I'm rather pleased with the results. Forgive me, my guilty please is gossip girl. not ∆ enough for you? Sorry to disappoint.

Don't Slow Down - Matt & Kim
Summons - Names in Vain
Embers - Just Jack
Be Alright - Vienne
Kiss Me Again - Jessica Lea Mayfield
North London Trash - Razorlight
Ready for the Floor - Lissy Trullie

and just for good measure, my night-out song :

Well this car is automatic, it's systematic, it's hydromatic
Why it's greased lightnin'!
YEAH ! !

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