Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Round My Hometown.

Hello lovelies. New things:

Did an Art&Design show for the HKCAC, which was very very fun. Got to see Perrie again, and Helene and everyone, it was rather nice :)

The outfits were, again, crazy fun. Plastic pants though, it was really hard to walk without the see-through capris making an awful sound but I managed, so yay.

This design was so comfortable I didn't want to get out of it. It's something I think I would wear on a plane because of the in-built neck/head pillow. Cool beans :)

Here we go, the plastic pants. Gotta love it? Yes. Gotta wear it? Well you can really only hope not because I'm not going to pretend it was comfortable. Also, as Perrie eloquently put it, the jacket kinda looked like a vag.
Oh well.
You know you love it.
When I went out I heard a "WHOOOOOO" which I'm guessing meant the see-through-y-ness was popular.
AH THIS IS JOYCE. Her design won an award. How adorable is she? Cute as a button. And it was so happy after the show because they had all just graduated that she started crying and it was very emotional :)

This is a photo from a shoot I did with the pre-mentioned Michael Cheung. Awwwwwwwwwwwesooooooooooooome. In my humble opinion.
You can see my bikini strap though, which is a bit bad.
And now onto summer! Here's a quick re-cap.

Me + Ning Ning = Love.
Me walking my doggy, Pepper. With Tasha. (Y)
This is Tasha :)
Honeymoon Dessert.

My latest obsession, HARRY POTTER. +tumblr.
I've been reading HP since I was six, but I saw the trailer for the new movie and sorta started obsessing :) and by "sorta" I mean intensely.

Funny things for you people.

Also, tying into this new/old obsession is the play "A Very Potter Musical".



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  1. Ellen, you're going to have to stop being so hawt or I WILL be forced to post you on the wonderfully disturbing world wide web.

    -Loser Buddy